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Model type EEC L7e-80
Vehicle Parameters Dimensions ( L x W x H) 2763mm*1539mm*1524mm
Wheelbase 1765mm
Curb Weight (with battery) 670kg
Max Speed 80km/h
Range (Average Speed 45km/h) ≤160km
Maximum Gradability ≥20%
Minimum Turning Radius 4m
Acceleration Time of 0-45 km(s) ≤8 seconds
Electric Parameters Battery model Lithium ternary  Battery 160Ah
Battery Life (100%DOD) Recharge 2000 times
Charging Time ≤5~6h
Battery Capacity 160AH/11.52KW·H
Motor's Parameters Permanent Magnet Brushless Direct Current Motor
Rated Power/Maximum Power 9/18KW
Rated Speed/Maximum Speed 4200/5000 rpm
Peak Torque(Nm) 82Nm
Chassis Parameters Suspension Type Front Suspension: Mcpherson independent suspension
Rear Suspension: Non-independent suspension
Brake System Disc Brakes
   comfort&ententainment Power Window
Central lock
Remote control key
electric power steering
Height adjustable steering wheel
Air Conditioning
Independent Radio
AUX IN Audio / USB Interface
interior Driver airbag
Trunk Cover Curtain
Fabric Seats
Leather Seats
exterior Alloy wheels
Steel wheel
front tire 145/60  R13
rear tire 165/55  R13
Electric Rear Vision Mirrors
digital equipment Reverse Control Radar
Keyless Start System
intelligent interior rearview mirror(Service center,camera and so on)
Car audio Navigation System(with GPS, Blue Tooth)
computer tablet(android system)